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US-88828-A: Improvement in gates patent, US-888763-A: Line-wire fastener. patent, US-88876-A: Charles cornelius hull patent, US-888910-A: Keyless combination-padlock. patent, US-889332-A: Index-guide. patent, US-889543-A: Lock. patent, US-88959-A: Ments patent, US-889602-A: Car-truck. patent, US-889767-A: Ironing-board. patent, US-8905-P: patent, US-891310-A: Binding attachment for sewing-machines. patent, US-893290-A: Carding-machine. patent, US-893709-A: Scraper. patent, US-894255-A: Fuel and water controlled apparatus for flash-boilers. patent, US-894287-A: Power-loom for the manufacture of tufted pile fabrics. patent, US-894520-A: Permutation-lock. patent, US-894744-A: Machine for molding concrete blocks. patent, US-895655-A: Phonograph-disk-record holder. patent, US-895981-A: Fencing-fastener for fence-posts. patent, US-895988-A: Freight-car door and hanger. patent, US-896666-A: Hame-hook. patent, US-897372-A: Window-front construction. patent, US-898001-A: Method of laying mosaic, granolithic, and similar floors. patent, US-898286-A: Bracket for building construction. patent, US-89940-A: Improvement in fens patent, US-899547-A: Marine turbine. patent, US-900234-A: Vehicle spring structure and frame. patent, US-900847-A: Process of plating metallic bodies. patent, US-900940-A: Apparatus for manufacturing glass articles. patent, US-901320-A: Head-covering for automobilists and chauffeurs. patent, US-901473-A: Power-transmitting mechanism. patent, US-901541-A: Marker attachment for corn-planters. patent, US-902249-A: Switch-point thrower. patent, US-902286-A: Loom for weaving short-weft fabrics. patent, US-903195-A: Testing-galvanometer. patent, US-903272-A: Twine-holder. patent, US-903292-A: Railroad-rail. patent, US-903942-A: Automobile draft attachment. patent, US-904110-A: Diaphragm for talking-machines. patent, US-904175-A: Work-rack. patent, US-905928-A: Type-plate and drawer for addressing-machines. patent, US-905973-A: Mechanical production of high vacuums. patent, US-907116-A: Can-soldering machine. patent, US-907153-A: Bread-slicer. patent, US-907971-A: Railway-switch. patent, US-908826-A: Combined meat slicer and cutter. patent, US-909011-A: Metal tie. patent, US-90920-A: Improvement in corset skirt-supporters patent, US-909268-A: Show-window fastener. patent, US-9093-A: Cowstrtjctioit of bridges patent, US-909464-A: Rotary kiln. patent, US-909903-A: Smoking-pipe. patent, US-909927-A: Adjuster for venetian blinds. patent, US-910241-A: Rosette. patent, US-910600-A: Fastening means for coin-actuated vending-machines, &c. patent, US-910655-A: Window-pane joint. patent, US-911040-A: Fish-hook. patent, US-911382-A: Fan for cooling explosion-engines. patent, US-913344-A: Curtain-pole. patent, US-913527-A: Loose-leaf binder. patent, US-914125-A: Attaching means for bails. patent, US-914566-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-914864-A: Explosive-engine. patent, US-916833-A: Pocket electric incandescent lamp. patent, US-916927-A: Float-valve. patent, US-917052-A: Stay-bolt-breaking machine. patent, US-91748-A: Improvement in paper bags and material therefor patent, US-918216-A: Air-chamber flushing apparatus. patent, US-919159-A: Stretcher. patent, US-919324-A: Dissolving-shutter for kinetoscopes. patent, US-919845-A: Expanding device for pump-pistons. patent, US-920552-A: Steam-trap. patent, US-92078-A: Improvement in speed-indicator for vessels patent, US-920920-A: Commutator for dynamo-electric machines. patent, US-921583-A: By-pass valve for locomotives. patent, US-921593-A: Apparatus for cutting globoid worms. patent, US-921629-A: Mechanical movement. patent, US-922401-A: Device for filling mattresses. patent, US-922732-A: Separator-sieve. patent, US-923566-A: Combined vibrator and timer. patent, US-923726-A: Apparatus for rolling tubing. patent, US-923738-A: Cuff-holder. patent, US-923765-A: Spring suspension. patent, US-924578-A: Washing-machine. patent, US-924586-A: Removable horseshoe-calk. patent, US-925195-A: Brake-actuating mechanism for vehicles. patent, US-925451-A: Box-seal. patent, US-926460-A: Lock for sliding doors. patent, US-926667-A: Eyeglass-frame. patent, US-927230-A: Dictograph. patent, US-927678-A: Preparation for iron or steel for casting. patent, US-927776-A: Milling-machine. patent, US-9278-A: Thomas peosseb patent, US-928588-A: Apparatus for dispensing a measured quantity of beer. patent, US-929116-A: Gas-stoppage alarm. patent, US-929763-A: Electromagnetic apparatus for actuating mechanisms. patent, US-93023-A: Improvement in breech-loading fire-arms patent, US-931224-A: Elevator car and well door operating mechanism. patent, US-931539-A: Bed or douche pan. patent, US-931885-A: Device for clearing obstructions from the path of vehicles. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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